1. Does GPR actually make the stabilizer and mounts or just sell them?

We hold patents and are proud to say that we design, manufacture, assemble, and test every GPR unit in our San Diego facility. O-rings, fasteners and fluids are the only parts we don’t make. Every damper mount and post mount bracket is prototyped and fitted in house for a 100% fit and quality assurance. Instead of a cast mold post mount, or a one “fit all” drill and tap bracket, all mounts and brackets are CNC machined for top quality. We have the knowledge of prototyping a new bike in a relatively short turnaround time, usually in just a few days.

2. My Stabilizer is leaking or not working very well…How do I get it serviced?

This stabilizer or steering damper is a hydraulic unit and will be in need of service at times to change the fluid and worn out o-rings. If your damper kit is brand new, right out of the package, it will have some excess oil on it. This is normal for it to weep a small amount of oil during the first initial ride. Just wipe it off really well with some contact cleaner or soap and water and a nice rag. If it is persistently leaking, give us a call or fill out our service request form on the website. Either way, we’ll get you taken care of very quickly.

3. What type of warranty is offered with the GPR Stabilizer?

We offer a limited warranty which covers the replacement of any defective parts or products sold by GPR Stabilizer or our dealers and distributors. If your damper has a problem in the first 90 days we will repair or replace at no charge.

4. Do I have to weld anything onto my bike?

No. All of our kits are fully bolt on. No welding, drilling and tapping required.

5. On my dirt bike kit the pin height is too tall, or to low. How do I adjust this?

The collar on the pin is an aluminum press fit design. It is made to be moved up or down on the steel pin. You can adjust the height by tapping on the top of the pin to lower it. Or you can flip it upside down in the post and tap on it. Then flip it rightside up and that will raise the pin height. When it’s set up correctly the top of the pin will be flush with the top of the arm.

6. I just purchased a bike and it came with the GPR mounting hardware. Can I buy just the damper or parts needed?

Yes! We sell all parts individually as needed, or offer complete mounting kits. We also sell just the stabilizer by itself, if that is all you require. You can see the Fit Kit section of our site for more information. Feel free to give us a call, or request a Fit Kit online, if you need to place an order.

7. Where can I buy a GPR Stabilizer? How long will it take to get to my door if I order it direct?

Our kits are available from our San Diego shop, your local dealer, or one of our distributors. If your local shop does not carry GPR products, demand it by name. If they are unable to get you one, give us a call, we will ship a kit directly to your front door.

8. How many different dampening settings do you have?

The numbers are strictly for reference, so you can visually/physically know what adjustment you are at. No guessing or fumbling required. Every degree you turn the knob is a different setting, allowing you to fine tune the damper unit to your needs. The knob assembly rotates 360 degrees left or right allowing you to go straight from the softest setting to the hardest setting, if need be. It will not unload, unscrew, or pop out, disabling your damper unit. The lower the number, the softer the setting. The higher the number the harder the setting. Very simple and very effective.

9. On my dirt bike kit I’ve noticed that when I rotate my bars, left to right, the damper breaks free at the end of the stroke. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. Roughly 15 degrees off of “0”, or center, an internal mechanism called a sweep brake goes into effect. The nice thing about this is once you hit that 15 degrees going back the opposite way, you have dampening all the way back to center.

If you have a question that was not addressed here, please call or send us an email and one of our representatives will get you the answer you need.